Monday, June 22, 2015

The Swag

Senior Harvards generously took us to The Swag in Waynesville, NC. Brooks's sister (Savanna), her husband (Jake), Brooks, and I stayed in the Two Story cabin, which was awesome with its outdoor tub, shower, and pool table. The food was incredible and the hiking was actually enjoyable and pretty (I typically don't "love" hiking...ask about our engagement story.) 

Senior Harvards joked that it was like adult summer camp- I agree!
This was taken Saturday morning before our hike. We walked up to Gooseberry Knob, which was a short walk from our cabin. They have nice little chairs and a hammock where you can relax. (The sticks Savanna and I are carrying are souvenirs they give you when you check-in. Brooks used his as a drum major baton.)

Hiking up Hemphill Bald

 At the top! Brooks picked a bouquet of wildflowers that I added to my ponytail. (He's the sweetest.)

(Jake, Savanna, me, Brooks, Pam, Jim)

Saturday Night Dinner

Thank you Pam and Jim for this wonderful weekend away!


  1. Ryan would love that place! Looks beautiful!

    1. You would love it. The "innkeeper" and her husband are amazing and make you feel so welcomed. They just go above and beyond in every part of your stay. It would be perfect for a weekend get-a-away (I will keep you kids and give Hylan milk through a syringe.) I couldn't believe how cool it was while we were there. We built a fire the first night! It was so nice to escape this awful humidity (I do not adore 100 degree weather like you do.)

  2. So fun! Looks like a great trip!

    1. We had the best time! Your family would love it!


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