Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2015

Why are the men we love the most the hardest to shop for? I feel like I give Brooks the same thing every year (with the exception of last year when I tried to get crafty and made him a misspelled photo frame.)

And not that we don't want to spend millions, but all of these items are less than $75 (so Brooks, there are no trucks or bikes on this list.) So here are some of my favorite ideas for 2015 for all of those special guys in our lives.

Brooks loves these shirts. I was at the Columbia store with my pal, Alli, and saw that they make them with college team logos now. Perfect for the hot summer and then the fall when football season starts.

I actually gave Brooks this two years ago (I should get him a new one since he upgraded his phone.) It is from a cool company called This Is Ground. Brooks was always complaining that when he wore dress pants that his wallet and phone were too bulky. This wallet easily combines the two. He always got tons of compliments on it. They have lots of other unique products as well.

RTJ is pretty popular in Alabama. With a trail card, you get discounts on green fees and merchandise. I know that my brother had one and used it a lot. (And a perk for us ladies, let him play golf, while you go to the trail's spa! Win Win!!)

You can never have enough hats. I can't get enough of this needlepoint. It can be a slightly dressier option than his beat-up (insert his favorite team) cap.

Even if your guy isn't the outdoorsy type, believe me, he needs a headlamp. Brooks obviously uses them for hiking and camping, but I know my dad uses his for working outside at night. And an added us for us girls, I used it when the power when out and I needed to apply my make-up.

Another staple that my husband loves. He can never have enough pairs. Great for the pool/lake/beach too!

And my dilemma because I know how much he would love them, yet I could never be seen with him...

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