Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life According to my iPhone

Schools out. Bummer. We have to get creative in how we spend our time.

We went to HippoHop where we met our buds, Wesley and Carson (and their momma, of course!)

And Catch Air, where we met Momma's teacher friends afterwards

Where Woody completely lost it when he saw a skateboard (these things tend to happen at naptime.)

We've been bumming off our friends that have pools as well. I don't have any photos of these outings because I am too busy changing poop-filled swim diapers. If you did not know already, these are life ruiners. 

We've been swinging giant sticks around that good mommas would take away before taking a picture.

Letting Dabby know how much fun we are having.

And file this under things that annoy Dabby
(I know, I know...How do I keep my closet so organized?!)

Ready to go to the puppet show and over pictures

After the show with Woody's buds, Hagen and Blake (and their sweet mommas), we hit up the Varsity. My kids can demolish a cheeseburger (and chicken nuggets)

Gaines would like you to know that if you touch one of his lovies, then he will cut you

We've been getting back to our Alabama roots and playing in our diapers in the backyard. I am 99% sure this ended badly.

That's all!
(Get out of my Lady Lounge, Peepers)

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