Friday, June 26, 2015

Potty School Drop-Outs

Lately, we've been thinking about potty training. I bought some Thomas the Train pull-ups and some Disney underwear. He decided he didn't like either... He asked for a "baby diaper" instead. Last Thursday was the first day he agreed to wear underwear. So far, we have one successful trip to the potty (documented above.) We returned back to Target this week where I spent $40 on those Gerber training pants and Thomas underwear that Woody insisted on getting. We wore these, sat on the potty every ten minutes, but proceeded to wet in his underwear anyway and say, "Thomas wet, Momma." He doesn't get it, I end up crying by noon, so we are quitting for a while. I simply cannot say, "Do you need to go teetee in the potty?" one more time. (Only to have Woody say, "Nope." as I watch urine stream down his leg.) I would love any helpful hints or tip when we try this again. However, I would not like any, "Why isn't he potty trained yet?" comments. 

Gaines on the other hand is completely over baby diapers. He takes them off and squats on the family room rug. (I would show you a picture, but Brooks objected.) He has been wearing a lot of onsies and overalls lately.

Woody is almost three. This is a big deal. His party won't be. It will be of the Catch Air variety. I think he will prefer this. Keeping it honest, after Gaines stomach virus the night before his party (not his fault, I know), I kind of got the "plan a big, fun party" wind taken out of my sail.

Besides pooping on my rug, Gaines is growing too. He is the man of many nicknames- Peepers, Gippy, Gips, Bruiser, and lately he has been reminding me of this guy...

Because he will bite down on you with all those teeth and then give you the sweetest hug while he pats your back.

And to keep my momma happy, some pictures of my sweet boys

That's all, folks!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Henry was almost 3 when he started going on the potty. It was a long process. He had to be trained to go to school, so that was good motivation for us both. We hung out outside in the back when we first started and I just let him go out in the yard whenever he needed to and that kind of helped? I never used a little potty either because I am lazy, but it's messy with boys regardless of how you do it. Hang in there. Every one is different. Kate was SO EASY and YOUNG. Thomas pulls his diapers off, too. Frustrating. Good thing they're cute!


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