Monday, April 27, 2015

Garden, Daley's Sip and See, Nana Jane Visit

 Don't you love her? Isn't she elegant against our chain link fence? She use to reside at Brooks's grandmother's antebellum home, but when she moved, we decided she would perfectly fit in with our 1960's ranch. Other outdoor updates...

I don't know how, but Dad, we have managed not to kill the thorn-less blackberries. Are there blackberries? No. But is it dead? No.

 I won't show you the flower bed that is covered in weeds. I will simply show you the two out of forty things that are doing somewhat ok.

 All the rain put a beat down on the azaleas. They are the craziest things how they change colors. The red and pink ones are starting to fall, but the white is still doing well.

1) Ferns love rain 2) We, and by we, I mean Brooks has cut the grass since I took these pictures.

Brooks went to Woody's "Dad's Day" at preschool. And even when it is not "Dad's Day," Brooks takes Woody to preschool for me. He's a keeper for sure.

While Woody is at school, Peepers likes to take selfies. 

And sit on his brother's train table

On Saturday, I went to a "Sip and See" for my good friend's, Laura, sweet baby, Daley. There were the biggest roses everywhere.

Susannah (Laura's twin), Tipp, and Laura
I love these girls so much. 

Laura, Daley, and Joie Beth. I met JoJo four or five years ago when the twins and Tippi would babysit for her and her brother. They would come to our kickball games and hang out at the Manor (where Sus, Laura, and Tippi lived) pool. She was such a little lady (and still is) and could make you feel great about yourself. She loves to give a compliment....she will go far in life. Love her. And look at Daley! I can't get enough of her!

Two precious girls!

Today, Brooks's other grandmother, Jane, stopped by to see the boys. She might be one of the most talented people I know. She is an incredible pianist and artist, and was kind enough to bring me a new sketch book and pencils. Gaines decided to sit in on some lessons as well.

The weather was nice, so we spent most of today outside. I get so excited when they play nicely together...even if it is for a few minutes seconds microseconds. 

Woody is hit-or-miss when it comes to naps. Today it was a hit. lead to some epic bed head.

That's all for today, folks!

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