Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter 2015 Part 1

We kicked off the fun with Easter Bunny pictures last Friday. Don't these boys look excited?!

We waited to go at night so that Brooks could go with us. I was pleased with the result.

On Saturday, we drove up to Stone Mountain. We enjoyed the day so much, but I forgot my camera. Brooks decided to buy the cheesy staged train picture. I kinda, really love it.

Yesterday, we met up with my friend, Alli, and her two kids, Jackson and Blakely for an Easter egg hunt at her church. She lives in Roswell so the boys were thrilled to sit in rush hour traffic (yes, rush hour starts between 3:30-4:00pm here.) Woody fell asleep in the car, so I had to wake him up when we got there. Let's just say he wasn't in the best of moods.

Poor Blakely was trying to be a supportive girlfriend during her man's hard time. Her face reads, "This is going to be a long marriage, Momma's Boy." If you look closely in the picture, you can see little Peepers hand reaching into the back of my stroller for some chicken nuggets. (Side story: Woody crammed three of them in his mouth to keep Gaines from eating them, chocked, and threw them up in front of the petting zoo. You're welcome.)

This was one of the five seconds we spent on the world's smallest jump jump. After waiting in line (with a baby who wanted to crawl away and a toddler who thinks he is Prince Joffrey and is above waiting his turn), Woody took two jumps and got out. Then wanted to get back in. Sorry kid, not how this works. Cheeks was less than pleased.

This, combined with the fact the he didn't get any eggs during the hunt, had him pretty sad, and I really did feel bad for him. The church had stuffed the eggs with candy or stickers and wanted you to take the prizes and return the eggs. I did what any good, Christian mother would do and grabbed out five eggs from the return bin and put them into my child's basket. Yep, I stole from church. Can I justify it with that I am Presbyterian and this was a Methodist church? (I actually feel really guilty about this. I guess that is why I am confessing it to you. And I am going to mail the church a $5.00 check to make-up for stealing during Holy Week.)

I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of Gaines here. Probably because I didn't commit petty theft for him. Geez, I really feel bad about this now.

Today, Woody had his Easter party at school. 

Look at those "carrots" stuffed with (organic) chedder bunnies! And those precious (organic) juice boxes that look like bunnies! Someone must have a good momma who totally didn't cry when one child ripped the bunny off his juice box.

Note to future mothers- If it ain't organic and Pinterest-worthy, you are obviously an unfit mother. (Joke! You should see the garbage I feed my kids when we are at home.)

Woody chatting with another one of his favorite ladies. He obviously has a thing for girls who wear smocked bunnies. His momma is so proud.

And he (and by "he" I mean his teacher) made an Easter egg maraca! He totally took it apart in the car, and he will be sitting on popcorn kernels for the next six weeks.

In all seriousness, I pray for you to have a wonderful Easter. This is the most important holiday to Christians. Remembering, that Jesus took on all of our wickedness and sins. He was crucified on the cross, even though He was blameless. But it didn't end there. He rose from the grave, overcoming death! He did this for you. He did this for me. So that we may live eternally. 

Isn't this incredible? Happy Maundy Thursday.

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  1. Linds, I just love your blog. The Joffre GIF had me laughing out loud! Love you!


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