Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Lately

Clearly, I haven't had much time for blogging. Actually, I haven't had the equipment to blog. I always used my laptop from when I was working to blog. When I quit teaching, I had to rely on Brooks's computer...which he takes to work with him during the day. I had only slightly been complaining about my situation. So my incredible husband, selflessly sold some of his climbing equipment (he hasn't needed those ice axes for a while now) to buy me my own computer. Raised garden beds and a computer? Sorry, he's taken. 

So, what have we been up to? If you follow me on Instgram, you know that Gaines had croup last week. Yuck, terrible. It starts with this awful barking cough that will make any parent sit straight up in their bed. Luckily, the sound only lasted two days, but then it turned into an annoying cold that still stinks and makes your baby feel terrible.

I took Gaines to the doctor because even though there is no medicine you can take for croup, you can get an oral steroid to reduce the swelling in the throat. Unfortunately, every other child in Atlanta was sick, so the doctor's office was packed, and the only time I could get in was during the boys' nap time.

For every germ we were there to cure, I am sure we picked up ten more.

Slowly, but surely, Gaines started to perk up. We were playing outside and getting some fresh, cold air, when Woody insisted that Gaines ride his tricycle with him. So sweet when you catch them getting along.

Woody celebrated Valentine's Day at school. He was a big fan of the mailboxes. Maybe he has a career in the postal service.

Despite his Valentines arriving late, I was able to throw together these that cost me a total of $1.

Gaines decided that his millions of toys are a bore, and banging a stick on a container of Puffs is way more fun.

Mimi and Papa, or as Woody calls them "MePa," came to visit on Saturday and brought the boys a pop tent. It has been great entertainment.

The biggest excitement lately? We painted our dining room. It was still white (and a bad shade of white) from when we moved. (Oh, and in old news, this room was originally the formal living room, but we switched and it is now the dining room and the old dining room is Brooks's Dude Den/my "Ladies' Lounge.

I will take better pictures during the day. Brooks and his dad replaced the sconces with these lights that I found on sale at Lowe's. The wiring was very tricky, but they worked so hard until the all turned on and off at the same time.

I will return with Gaines's 11 month update...before he turns 1 (tear) and an update on Woody's speech progress! 

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