Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Baby, False Alarm, and What We Have Been Up To

Yesterday I earned my first "False Alarm." I will spare you most of the details, but at lunch, I thought my water had broken. I went to the doctor. It hadn't. I am not going to lie, I was disappointed. (Also, it is not like I have never had my water break before- you would think I would know!)

I have an appointment on Friday because I am measuring large. (Never fear, strangers had already let me know this for weeks.) If they did my c-section this weekend, I totally wouldn't hate it. (However, as of now, still planned for the 7th.)

Why do I want Gaines out so bad?

(Try not to throw up)

My weight has caused the worst swelling. That combined with no shoes that properly fit have me walking on the outside of my foot. All. Day. Long. (Because yes, I am still teaching.) I seriously think I have fractured it, but I don't want to be the "oh, you think your water broke AND you have a broken ankle" girl. I want to have my c-section for the fact that I won't have to stand on my foot. (You can laugh at me when I am dying from my stomach being ripped opened in a few days.)

And Woody sympathies with me so well....

After being on my feet all day, this little guy (who thinks he no longer needs naps) likes to have hour long fits when we get home. Delightful. Why do we live so far from grandparents again?

So what does this mother of the year do? 

Let him watch two hours of Curious George, of course. (I am working on my acceptance speech.)

Oh, and dinner?

And that is on a good night. 

Enough self-bashing. I did get around to cutting Woody's mullet. Hooray! I was pretty proud of myself.

I enjoy tasks where I can strap Woody to a chair and sit down myself.
Doesn't he look grown-up?

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