Monday, February 10, 2014

Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

Y'all, get this sweet little growing miracle out of my body. (25 Days.....25 Days)

Like It: 

Can every man dress like this? Every day? Yet, somehow not judge me for wearing the same maternity shirt for the third time in a week because I have literally outgrown most maternity clothes? Small request.

Love It:

The bathrooms in our house are definitely not terrible. They had recently been remodeled and include nice seamless glass doors. Problem? Both bathrooms only have showers. I think it should be illegal to be pregnant without a bath tub. I love how posh this small bathroom looks....with its beyond perfection bath tub.

Gotta Have It:

I am just kinda obsessed with this contraption. It looks so cozy and I secretly want an adult version to take a nap in. Also, compared to many baby hammocks, it is not crazy, unrealistically priced.


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