Friday, February 21, 2014

A Name and Other Updates

As odd as it sounds, Brooks and I always had two boy names that we loved. No girl names, but two boy names. Woody's name (Woodfin James) is named after my grandmother (Woodfin was her maiden name) and James is Brooks's dad's name.

And our other favorite boy name (aka Harvard Baby Dos name) is....

Gaines Alton Harvard

Gaines comes from Husband's side of the family. It was his grandfather's and uncle's name. Alton was my grandfather's name, as well as my brother's middle name. 

Woody and Gaines might not be the most popular names, and people definitely have their opinions on them. However, I like that they are old school and represent members of our families. 

Other updates?
  • 14 days until my C-section. Cannot get here fast enough. No lie, I was told today that I look like I am about to squat the baby out in a bush field....
  • The midwife told me she didn't think I would gain as much weight as I did with Woody. She lied. 
  • Everything, and I mean everything hurts. Ankles, pelvis, hips, skin, ribs. It hurts. The last few weeks with Woody were spent in a pool. The last few days with Gaines are spent with fifth graders.....
  • As painful as this pregnancy has been, I love thinking I have a little buddy with me all the time. The beginning of this school year was so hard. I hated leaving Woody, but I felt better thinking I still had my other baby with me.
  • That being said, Gaines is being served an eviction notice from my womb. His new apartment is a very nice crib.
  • I love his nursery. Again, probably not every one's style, but it is not in every one's house. I used a lot of Woody's nursery things, but I feel like this nursery has a completely different vibe. And considering my budget was basically $0, I am pretty proud of myself. I literally have one more thing to hang, and it will be completely finished!!
  • Many have asked about his heart. At the last ultrasound, the shadow was still there. Now he is so big, they cannot really see his heart. We feel good that this is the only factor remaining for Down Syndrome, but also have a total peace about God's plan for his life- no matter what. I look back at things in my life and am so glad that God has a plan that is much better than my plans. 
  • Woody kinda somewhat maybe gets it...but not really. If you ask him where the baby is, he lifts up my shirt (trying to get him just to point....) and he will say, "Eh Gay!" (Again, working on "Gaines" or "G") He also loves to go in the nursery and steal the blocks that spell out his name.
That is about it. Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this pregnancy. It is the final countdown people!!

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