Monday, December 17, 2012

Woody- Five Months

Who is that little dapper gentleman? That is big boy Woody, who turned five months last Friday! With the terrible tragedy that occurred on Friday, this birthday felt extra special- a powerful reminder that we are not promised tomorrow and are blessed to have each day with this amazing little boy.

We spent his birthday taking him to see Santa Claus. I guess I have a lot to learn about this whole thing. The "real" Santa is at Phipps Plaza and to see him, you have to get on the waiting list in July. I kid you not. Since Woody has no clue about this kind of thing, I decided just to take him to the one at Perimeter Mall- much closer and no wait. I figured we would just get one picture so that we could show Woody "Look, you saw Santa even though it was the rip off Santa" when he is older. Well, wouldn't you know that my child decides to be a total baby model and give the cutest picture ever. We bought the $40 package. Suckers.

Yes, he has a rash on his chest. Polyester is to blame.

Woody Facts
  • Weighs around 18 lbs. Growing boy.
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing: All 9 mo. I tried to squeeze him into a 6 mo outfit one last time, and he popped a button.
  • Sleep: WAHOO! Doing so much better. He goes to sleep between 7-8 and usually sleeps until 5-6. It is awesome. I quit swaddling him too. He spent about two weeks in a Sleep Sack before we ditched that. I put him down on his back, but he always rolls to his side or stomach. This makes me incredibly nervous, and being the first time momma that I am, I check on him a million times during the night.
  • Eat: We started rice cereal. The first night I gave it to him, he slept eight hours. He doesn't really love it (frowns when I give it to him), but gobbles it down. I think I will start fruits and veggies once Santa brings him his baby food maker. (What?! It is what he asked for! Along with a new shower curtain and matching blanket!) He still nurses ever 3.5-4 hours. I am guessing he is eating around 7-8 oz, based on what he takes from a bottle while I am at work.
  • He is rolling over like a boss. If you put him on his back, he immediately flips to his stomach. 
  • He is beginning to try to sit up. He balances with his hands in front of him.
  • Can reach for toys and pass them back and forth between his hands. His favorite toys are the most annoying loudest ones.
  • He is making the "Da-da-da" sound. He doesn't know what he is saying. (This is what I have to tell myself.)
  • I have been replaced as his favorite thing by Lucy. Seriously. His face lights up when he sees her.
  • Woody likes his exersaucer and activity mat. 
  • Sleeps with a lovie. He loves for them to be over his face. Again, cue paranoid momma who constantly goes in to pull it off his face.
  • We found out that polyester makes his skin break out. 
  • We babysat my friend, Jessica's, little boy, Burke. Woody had a good time playing with his BFF.
  • And my favorite...

...when my sweet boy pulls me in for a kiss.

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  1. Happy 5 months, Woody! Enjoy his first Christmas as a family. :)


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