Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh, Hey You.

Things going on in my life:

  • turning my home into the Griswold's. I use to think that kind of thing was tacky. Now, I am considering getting one of those inflatables to put in my (shared with four other units) front yard. I love those nutty penguins.
  • redoing Woody's bathroom with a zero dollar budget. Don't panic Mom, just paint.. We are not ripping out tile again, just cleaning it. 
  • reading up on why my son wakes up four-six times during the night. Anyone heard of a four month regression? Hilarious. It is killing me.
  • mixing Red Bull and Diet Coke to stay awake. I see sounds. (Kidding...maybe.)
  • not buying my son any Christmas gifts. I need help in this area. Ideas? Or should we just leave him on the naughty list?
  • trying to fit into something for Husband's company party this Friday. Time to loose those last five (er, or seven, I round down) LBs.
So, in no particular order, these things are making me happy.

From Mecox- old picture, but I love this shade of blue

Why are people ripping out classic, old bathrooms like this? This has been my inspiration for my zero dollar bathroom renovation.

The only thing I have even thought of getting for Woody. Adorable, right?

The most perfect winter black tie dress

so much color, so much pattern, so much right

My mantle. With one stocking. For Brooks. I am working on that.


Can we please talk about those legs!? Get your spoon people, he is delicious.
(Even though he refuses to sleep.)

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