Friday, December 14, 2012

Vern Gets Green and Merry

Vern, my house, has been getting into the Christmas spirit. Mostly since, it is Woody's first Christmas. His theme has been a "Green Christmas."

Ah, my tree. Four years ago, Brooks and I bought that tree in 2008 for $35 at Wal-Mart. Every year we talk about getting a real tree, but there is something special about this tree and her sad bare spots.

I spray painted all my non-neutral balls white. I don't have many ornaments. I know one day my tree will be filled with pipe cleaner angels and Popsicle stick snowflakes.

Notice what is missing? Yeah, that would be a tree skirt. I had a fantastic green one last year (matched my theme!), but a bitter dog felt that she did not have enough gifts under the tree and graced my skirt with a golden shower...

I also need to get on my present buying. The really sad part- guess how many of those are for Woody? Zero. Bad Mom.

I wrapped my gifts this year in brown paper and wrote names in Sharpie. It sounds sadder than it looks. (Right???) I also cut all of the branches off of our tiny (and now bare) cypress tree to decorate the gifts and mantle. Sorry Hubs.

I have been hanging Christmas cards on the garland. Look at these fine folks who have already sent theirs! I on the other-hand, waited way too long to order mine. I just got them in and have hopes to have them addressed and mailed by this weekend. Sorry peeps.

The middle stocking was Brooks' from when we first got married. I used to have a red one with an "L" on it. I bought some green ones to match my green theme. I am not trilled with them, but it works for now.

I used rosemary and cypress since we have a fake tree. Smells yummy. 

My table setting. I have been meaning to buy some peppermint to put in that bowl. I just reminded myself.

My friend, Natalie, gave me these Kate Spade coasters two years ago. They are cardboard, so I won't let anyone use them. 

Well, that is Vern in all his Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you!

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