Saturday, July 23, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Woody!

So, my precious first-born turned four a week and two days ago...and I am just getting around to blogging about it! I don't have a great excuse. I usually blog after the boys go to bed, and lately, I have been going to bed as soon as they do!

The night before his birthday he was still pretty pathetic from the tonsillectomy. He climbed up in my lap a little after 6:00pm and quickly feel asleep. I rocked and rocked him. Brooks kept asking if I wanted him to carry to bed, but I didn't want to let him go. I knew the next time he woke up he would be four, which just seems so much older than three! (Sweet moment spoiler: He had a night terror at 11:00, so I still got to hold him again before his big day!)

Woody is just such a neat kid. He has a sweet, sensitive heart, and yet is very independent. He likes what he likes, and doesn't seem to care what is cool. It is truly Woody's World, and we are just living in it! It is such a precious age, and I dread the day he tries to fit in with the crowd. I pray he always stays his wonderful, unique self. 

He kept insisting that he was only three, and it wasn't his birthday

But he cheered up when I told him he could pick out some toys!

On his actual birthday, we actually didn't do too much. Since he still wasn't feeling great, we just went to his favorite toy store and Target. 

Despite the fact that it was his brother's birthday, this one somehow went home with that "tiny" firetruck 

The next day he was supposed to have his party. I was nervous, because right before his party, he fell asleep. I was nervous that he just wasn't going to be up to going to his party. He struggled getting out the door, but once we got there, he was so excited!

One hour before his party

I had his party at Catch Air again. When he said he wanted to have it there, I didn't fight him. I don't mind hosting at our house, but in the summer, our house gets so hot with a lot of people. I figured I would just get to make something cute and crafty for the party room at Catch Air. Well, between playing nurse and little sleep the weeks before, I made NOTHING (except assembling goody bags.) And guess what, Woody didn't care! That is what I love about him. We could have just had cake as a family, and he would have thought it was the best thing ever!

 This little party animal! He enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to his brother and trying to go home with every momma there!

 Sweet Birthday Boy!

 The party guests we could convince to take a picture. The "Buzz" was a little scary. Lucky for us, Gaines was ready to attach at any moment.

Woody wouldn't dance with Buzz. He preferred the bubble machine and watching Buzz from a distance.

 Happy Birthday Woodfin James! Even though you may be four, you will always be my (big boy) baby!


  1. Oh how I have been waiting for this post! He is such a precious boy! I miss him so! Happy Birthday Woodfin!


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