Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Start of Summer

We are day three into summer. So far, so so good. Last week I was a bit in a panic. We have a quite busy weekly routine. A good busy. A busy that tuckers us all out and results in long naps. A busy where teachers and activities are poured into my boys. 

Summer means the busy slows down. In fear that that we would all totally be over each other, I started signing up Woody for different activities (and Gaines will be joining him on those with a low age requirement!)

But this week is a whole lot of nothing. With the exception of a brief morning meeting yesterday, Woody's last speech session, and a VBS volunteer workday tomorrow, nothing is on our schedule. And that my friends, is a good thing.

I am learning from wise, veteran moms, that time doesn't slow down. I am already saw a small glimpse of this with Woody going from two to three day a week preschool with speech. There was less time for playdates and sleepy morning cuddles. Next year will be even harder. Woody will be in school five days and Gaines two days.

And where do you go from there? Elementary school. With long days and new friends. These are not bad things. I love watching my boys grow and become more independent. But I never want to take for granted the sweet stage we are in now. It is a gift.

(*Disclaimer: Not to say I am not super excited about swim lessons and Spanish camp this summer! Momma still needs some alone time! I also know that we are on day three of summer. Check back with my happy attitude in August when I am in my third trimester.)

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