Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites

What planet am I on that I am excited about a vacuum?! The girl that started this blog would laugh at the amount of money I spent on a vacuum, but in my defense, it was my Valentine's Day gift (romantic, I know.) This thing keeps my house spotless....not really, but it is so convenient to grab when the boys make a mess. I love not having to plug it in, and I can do a quick run through the house several times a day. She ain't cheap, but totally worth it!

Woody has terrible eczema. It has been really bad lately due to allergies and having our yard sprayed for mosquitoes. He uses a steroid on the bad spots, but this stuff keeps his skin moisturized. It isn't thick, so it goes on easy. I love it so much, that I just bought the body wash for him.

I love a fake tan. I have tried everything under the book, but this stuff is amazing. It isn't orange at all, and I like how you can control how light or dark you want it. It is really affordable too. I still love to get my spray tans, but am trying to not get them quite as often since the spray kinda freaks me out while pregnant (I fear I am going to pass out from holding my breath. What if they found a 20 week pregnant lady, in old (too small) bikini bottoms with half a spray tan unconscious on the floor? I don't want that in the AJC people.)

We have been long time lovers of this brand. The boys (especially Woody) are a little more aware of what they wear and what they classify as baby. Woody loves these shirts, and I love that I can still get away with cute shorts under them since they are solid colors. Brooks approves as well. (And Woody, if you read this and think you are getting out of smocked clothes, you are wrong.)

I only have four for today. 
My fifth would honestly be the entire Bravo line-up, but I am embarrassed to fully admit how much I watch.

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