Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Day of Preschool

Last Friday was our final day of preschool for K3. It is a bit bitter sweet. I love summer and having a more relaxed schedule. However, we have loved our past two years at Peachtree, and are sad to see this phase come to an end. Next year, Woody and Gaines will be at a closer preschool. As much as I will miss Peachtree, I won't miss Buckhead traffic!

Back to Woody's final day... I tried getting some pictures in our yard, but the boys were busy waving and talking to our neighbors walking by, so we took some at school.

Deep thoughts about spending the entire summer with each other and Momma

Gaines's outfit was only slightly stained from blueberries at breakfast

His room moms are amazing. I should probably sign up one year to be one. (Spoiler: It won't be next year.)

Gaines was going wacko trying to get to the snacks. Luckily,  I knew Woody wouldn't want to eat any of it.

But Peepers did!

Woody's Face...

Maybe he did want his snack. 

Happy with his little umbrella. He thought it was hilarious.

Comparison Picture!
One thing Woody didn't master this year was looking at the camera. Good thing he is so smart with everything else. And apologies Woody that your little brother made his way into both pictures.

Cheers to Summer!

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