Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Week's Harvard Family Blog Update

Clever blog post title, right?

Gippy has been quite the scholar lately. Here he is catching up on War and Peace...or Mike the Knight.

Woody met his new friend, Ian, last week at the park. Ian didn't speak English and Woody doesn't speak Spanish, but impressed us all with his abilities to argue and boss around a child who only responded in Spanish.

Gaines just stood to the side holding this stick. If Ian or Woody got too close, he made sure to swing it at them. His social skills are on point.

But then they were sweet to each other <3

Morning cartoon zombies in Mommy's lap

Woody had Dad's Day at school. I thought that meant that I got out of taking Woody to school, but then I remembered that Brooks no longer has a car seat in his car. Woody was ticked that he didn't get to ride in Daddy's truck, but when I informed him that he was lucky enough to ride with the mother who gained 40 pounds to bring him into this world, he stopped his whining.

 Please look at the precious photo bomber

 Woody is obsessed with magnifying glasses. He calls them a "mag-ne-nying glass." He pretends that my hand mirror is one and says he needs it to look at stuff. (And since it is a mirror, "stuff" is himself.)

I don't know what to say. 

I had a meeting on Tuesday. When it is a "MOPs Tuesday," Woody goes to gymnastics, but it was an off week, so he had to go to God's Little Garden at church. He already doesn't like it because he thinks it is for babies. He was super disappointed when we got there on Tuesday and found out that since Gaines is almost two, they would be in the same room. Gaines on the other hand was finally excited to go!

When I picked them up, Woody said, "Woody no get in trouble, Mommy. Gainsie get in lots of trouble." Hahahahaha! His teacher confirmed Woody's story. (Side note: I hope Woody never quits calling him Gainsie.)

Random Funny (to me) Stories: 

Woody loves speech classes. He calls it "Peach." Today when I went to pick him up, his teacher came to the door saying Woody needed some "encouragement" to leave. He started sobbing when he saw me and told me he didn't want to go home and only loved Miss F (his teacher.) I hate to tell him, but we just had his IEP meeting, and because he is doing so well, his speech is only going to be 30 mins per week instead of 1 hour. 

Gaines is really into blowing kisses to everyone lately. The garbage men, the dry clean lady, fast food windows, etc... It is so sweet and makes me forget how he fed an entire box of graham crackers to the dogs that gave them the worst gas for four days. 

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