Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Disney Day 4- Magic Kingdom/Epcot

I got a little side tracked with my Disney update...

On the last day, we were supposed to have an early breakfast back at Chef Mickey's. However, we had realized that mornings were the best time at the MK, so we cancelled our reservations. We were able to ride a bunch of our favorites again. Brooks and I were able to sneak off and ride Space Mountain, which was a lot of fun. 

Random story, but I wanted the boys to get some Mickey ears, and Woody picked our the "Woody" ones from Toy Story (and insisted Gaines had to have the Buzz ones.) When I went to have their names in them, they couldn't put Woody's name because of copyright laws. They kept saying, "We can only put their real names." Um...his name is Woody. They even asked him his name, and he proudly said, "Woody Harvard." They still seemed nervous, so we settled on putting Woodfin.

Enjoying a Mickey Mouse cookie with their new hats

And we met Woody!

We grabbed a quick lunch at Casey's Corner and headed to Epcot. Gaines feel asleep on the monorail, but when we got to Epcot, they were blaring music for the last of the marathon runners, and it woke Gaines up. He was less than pleased. We wanted to explore the countries more, but ended up sprinting through them to buy the boys (overpriced) juice and cups. 

It was almost dinner time, but Brooks saw there was a meet Baymax from Big Hero 6. (Brooks rented this movie to watch with the boys. Only Brooks ended up watching it. Woody had no idea who Baymax was/is.) We figured that no one would be in line for this, but there was actually a decently long line. Gaines still wasn't very happy, so we decided to just go to dinner. Well, Woody started screaming, "I WANT TO SEE BAYMAX!!!!!" Brooks had already sprinted off with Gaines in the stroller, so I told Mimi and Papa we would meet them. I earned my Mother of the Year award waiting in a long line of obsessed and awkward adults to meet Baymax. Woody, I hope this made your Disney trip complete.

We ate again at the Garden Grille at Epcot. Another great dinner! Highly recommend!

Poor Mickey

Then we headed back to the hotel for lights out...

Yeah right. The boys were on Disney High, started play wrestling, and Gaines ended up with a black eye for the trip home!

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  1. This list is just fabulous! I loved your Disney trip. The photographs are pretty. I hope you all had a fun over there. I got engaged in the Disneyland and it was dream come true for me. But would like to get married at one of iconic local party venues by the end of this year.


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