Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Goals- Week 1

My blog has definitely lacked contact lately, but it is seriously the closest thing I have to a baby book for my kids. One of my resolutions for this year is to update it once a week.

Some pictures of the week of Christmas

We made a special ornament in memory of Nana Jane

Woody fell asleep with his book propped up like this

For Christmas Eve, we went to the 10:00am service. It wasn't exactly what anyone expected, and didn't exactly make me feel like I had been to a traditional Christmas Eve service. However, it was nice that it was early and didn't interfere with nap time.

Christmas 2015...We thought we were going to need to take a boat to get to church.

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner for Brooks's parents, sister and her husband, grandmother, aunt, uncle, Brooks's dad's cousin, and her husband. I have never claimed to be a cook, and Whole Foods does a wonderful meal deal around the holidays. All I had to do was reheat it. Easy, right? WRONG! One of the containers that I thought was oven safe melted. The alarm company called Brooks, and I thought he had handled the situation. So I ignored the call to my phone. Whoops....

Gaines was napping. Look how concerned my MIL looks!

We exchanged gifts with each other, and would like to give a big thank you to Aunt Savanna and Uncle Jake for buying our boys so many musical instruments including a tamborine, maracas, cymbols, and a keyboard. (You two just wait!) In reality, Savanna babysits so much for us, she could have gotten the boys a T-Rex and would still be up for sainthood!

We went to bed early on Thursday night so Santa could come! I was so excited for the next morning. The only thing Woody asked Santa for was a Pop the Pig game. I didn't know what it was until it came, but Woody really does like it, he always tells people that is what Santa brought him.

Not great quality- but after Santa came!

Woody was so excited!

Gaines was concerned about when his breakfast would be ready.

After we played with what Santa brought, we went to Maridelle's for lunch.

And then had a relaxing night at home.

Saturday, we loaded up for Alabama. Here is my sister's recap with much better pictures. I have none. (This is before I made my resolution to be a better blogger.)

On Tuesday, Brooks and I met my friend from college, Claudia, and her husband. We lived together in the Pi Phi house for three years together. She lives in Houston, so we don't see each other very often, but they were in town for a bowl game. We had the best time catching up.

She wanted to see the boys, so I picked her up Wednesday for lunch at Mary Mac's. Claudia was so sweet, patient, and helpful with my wild men.

(Please excuse my no make-up, rainy hair look.)

On Thursday, my friend from high school, Casey, came in town. We went to lunch, and then she came over to the house to hang out. My boys adored her too! 

We went to some friends' house for a short while on NYE, but were home in time for the Bama game. Roll Tide! And since then, we have been...

...getting pumped for Disney World. Just kidding. Woody keeps telling us that he is not getting on a plane, and doesn't want to go to Disney World. He says he would rather go see Nana and Gran or Mimi and Papa...

...and being the best super heroes ever. 

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