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Disney Day 2- Magic Kingdom/Epcot

My poor in-laws. That's where I will start.

See, I am Melinda Hollon's child and fully believe in making the most of your Disney vacation. We had magic hours, so we could go into the park at 8:00 instead of the normal 9:00. So I wanted to leave to catch the monorail at everyone needed to be up by 6:00. #nosleepinginatDisney

It was drizzling rain, but I was like this deranged mom on a mission. I had wanted to get Fast Passes to the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but they were gone, so I had a plan to run as fast as we could with Woody to try to get on. Despite sprinting in the rain and trying to mow people over with the Bob, there was a long line. (Looking back, it probably wasn't a good idea to stick my son on that as his first ride of the morning.) Instead we rode Peter Pan, which was my favorite as a child. Everyone loved it! Then we did, It's a Small World. It was another hit, and it made me feel all sentimental, and I suddenly wanted every violent person to ride it so they could experience the peace that I was feeling on this ride. (Maybe I should write to President Obama about this?) 

The rain kept coming, but luckily we had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey's, which was at the Contemporary. (Funny story, my sister and I always thought this hotel was so cool because the monorail ran through it. After being in there? Not that cool and must have been "contemporary" in 1978.) Chef Mickey's was a breakfast buffet. I can't tell you much about the food due to my boys going crazy trying to get to the characters. All I remember is Mickey waffles, Gaines got his chubby legs stuck in the high chair, and I was pretty sure they were going to ask us to leave because my kids were sticking their fingers in Mickey's eyes and down Pluto's mouth.

Chef Mickey's!

Hands in Donald's mouth

Blowing kisses

Hands in Goofy's mouth

Trying to pull Goofy's nose off

After breakfast, it continued to rain. A normal person would go back to the hotel. Lindsey? Put on your poncho and suck it up! We met this guy.

A little rain never hurt anyone!

We rode Pirates of the Caribbean. I wouldn't say the boys loved it, but they definitely weren't scared. Then we rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet, which is like a Dumbo ride, buy the boys loved it. We walked around some and the boys fell asleep, so Brooks and I rode Thunder Mountain. (I can't wait for the day my boys can ride this too.)

On Aladdin's Carpet...I was a wee bit excited

The boys were still asleep and everyone kinda felt gross and wet, so we walked back to the hotel to freshen up. Mimi and Papa stayed back at the hotel, but after the boys woke up, we headed back out! We rode Buzz's Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (similar to Toy Story Mania, but a little slower) and the Astro Orbiter. I had Gaines on both of these rides. Especially on the Astro Orbiter, I was so so worried about hanging on to him! Mimi and Papa met back up with us and we used our last Fast Pass on Peter Pan (Papa was parking the stroller the first time we rode it.)

On the Buzz Lightyear ride...Woody was obviously paying attention to the targets.

Mimi and Papa purchased Park Hopper passes for us. It allows you to change parks, which is awesome when you don't want to spend all day at one park. (I will talk later about this on my final thoughts post.) We had dinner at Epcot at the Garden Grill. I wasn't the best time management planner and didn't realize how far all the parks are from each other. Oops! We were late for dinner, but they were so accommodating. I love the Garden Grill! It is a rotating restraunt and buffet-style (ie: all you can eat), but they bring the food to you! The food was so good, especially the salad and fish. Woody didn't eat much here, but Gaines devoured the Mac and Cheese! They also got to meet (farmer) Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.

Pluto playing with the Buzz Lightyears the boys got on their drinks

The characters here were awesome. They spent so much time with the boys,

After dinner, we rode Living with the Land. This is where our yummy salad came from...and our fish. I felt they were giving me dirty looks for eating their friends. Then we rode the Nemo ride. We wanted to stay out longer, but Woody refused to use the public bathrooms after spraying himself earlier that morning. He was in pain, so we headed back to let him potty in private.

Jim took this cool picture at Epcot

Thoughts: I thought the breakfast would be the hit of the day and the boys would be a disaster by dinner. Wrong! They were so hyper at breakfast, and chill at dinner. The Magic Kingdom is awesome, but crowded. I am glad we did it in the morning (nice and early!) before the crowds set in, and Epcot at nights. Naps are tricky with my kids. We shouldn't have gone back to the hotel when they feel asleep, because they basically woke up once we got there. 
Favorite Ride: Peter Pan
Best Moment: Attacking Meeting Mickey. They were so excited. Also, I loved riding Peter Pan with the boys. Their faces were in awe, and it reminded me of how much I loved it as a little girl.

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