Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disney Day 1- Hollywood Studios

As you can see by my many Instgram posts, the Harvard family recently went to Disney World! It truly was a magical trip, and I am so glad we went when the boys were young. Of course, there are some things I would change for the next time, so I hope these posts help my memory for our next trip.

We flew out on Thursday morning. Luckily, we were all TSA pre check and didn't have a long wait in security. Not so luckily, the boys and I were seated separately from Brooks (who still claims he didn't plan that.) The boys did great though, and after a short flight, we arrived at Shades of Green (our hotel.)

After landing in Orlando. Yes, Gaines has a leash.

***After I finish recapping Disney, I want to do a post on flying, our hotel, transportation, meals, etc overview. (Try to contain your excitement.)

We met up with Mimi and Papa (Brooks's parents) and caught the bus to Hollywoody Studios. We had a little time before our first Fast Pass, so we rode The Great Movie Ride. Gaines was in awe of everything, and poor Woody had just woken up from a short nap. The boys did great and weren't scared of any of the scary movie parts.

Then we headed to the Disney Junior Love show. This is great if you have kids that love Mickey Mouse Club House, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It is basically a fancy puppet show, but they sing and stuff falls from the sky. Gaines loved this! I think Woody did too, but he was still a little sleepy. After the show, we stood in line to meet Jake. I knew that Woody loved characters, but didn't know how Gaines would do. He loved all of them though.

Gaines fully made-out with every Disney character. Yes, we returned home sick. #kissinggerms

Next, we headed to lunch at Hollywood and Vine. It was a buffet style meal where you got to meet Jake, Sofia, Doc McStuffins, and Handy Manny. Gaines fell asleep on the walk over, so we just let him sleep through lunch. He would have loved it though. We had reservations for 2:45, and it wasn't crowded at all. Woody got tons of one-on-one time with each of the characters. Every 15 minutes, they invite the kids up to dance with them. Gaines would have loved this, but Woody is a little more timid when it comes to dancing. I kept asking him if he wanted to, but he kept saying no. After the fourth or fifth time, I told him to go dance, and I would sit by him. Poor Woody said, "Um, I think we need to go home now." Ha! I don't blame him. Gaines woke up at the end of lunch, so we crammed a bunch of chicken nuggets down his throat so the meal wouldn't be a waste.

After lunch, we split up for a ride. Brooks wanted me to ride Tower of Terror. I had never been on it, and nothing at Disney is that scary, right?

Wrong. I almost wet myself.

While I making sure I didn't need a change of pants, Mimi and Papa took the boys to the Muppets 3-D show. Woody didn't make it two second in before he told Papa he didn't want to ride it. Mimi and Gaines sat through it, but I think my boys are a little young for this show. And they don't like wearing glasses.

We then went to another Fast Pass, which was Toy Story Mania. Mimi, Woody, and I rode together and Brooks, Gaines, and Papa rode together. Everyone loved this ride! When Gaines got off, he kept yelling, "Pow Pow Pow!" 

This was the only night we didn't have dinner reservations, so we took advantage and headed back to the hotel. Room service and lights out!

Thoughts: A great 1/2 day park for little kids. Besides the Toy Story ride (which has an incredibly long line if you don't have a Fast Pass), there aren't a lot of rides for preschool kids. However, the Disney Jr characters made it worth it!

I also want my sweet nephew to know that everytime I walked by the Jedi Training Camp kids, I had to restrain myself from tripping them. (The full story here.)

Best Moment: Seeing my boys meet the Disney Jr. characters/the Disney Jr. show. Also, hearing my mother in law scream/laugh on Toy Story Mania.

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