Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Discipline in 10,00 Words or Less

Once upon a time, I had these sweet little guys who did as they were told, sat still for pictures, didn't talk back, or hit...or bite. And then there is now.

Perhaps it is karma from all those judgey eyes I gave moms in Target or the parents of students before I had my two. Discipline is rough. And only compounded by I have no idea what I am doing. So I pleading for advice.

Culprit 1

At home, he is a delight. We spend most of our day reading books, playing puzzles, going to the potty. But once we leave Patches, Hell hath no fury. He is starting to somewhat do better at school, but other structured, social interactions are a disaster. He doesn't like adults. He doesn't like kids. He likes Woody and whatever Woody's agenda is for the day. I think he is about the get kicked out of his gymnastics class....

Culprit 2

Gaines has two settings: (1) the most cuddly, lovable toddler ever and (2) raging, biting, hitting, pinching, fit throwing machine. On Monday, I subbed at Woody's school. I was telling Woody's teacher how it went, including how Gaines did in the nursery- he bit every kid.

"Oh, that is why Isaac came home with marks down his arm."

Oops. Didn't realize they were in the same class. Luckily, she was very cool about it.
Yesterday, I had MOPS, so Woody went to gymnastics and Gaines went to the nursery. Both of their teachers had to speak to me about their behavior. I was so frustrated, so I decided I was going to be Stern Mommy from there on out.

We were about to leave for the gym, and I told Woody to go to the bathroom, and he told me, "No." I decided to lay down the law, so I got in his face and told him. He hid behind his train table and cried, "You're scaring me, Momma."

I was like

Especially when I realized he had already gone and had just finally learned to pull his shorts back up on his own.

So I am now just walking around the house singing stupid songs like, "Mouths are for kissing! And hands are for hugging! Never biting! Never hitting!"

And I plan on just giving every adult in my kids' lives this...

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