Thursday, August 14, 2014

I should be...

    ...on my way to the beach with my husband and two sleeping babies. Instead, I am home, with no husband, but thankfully two sleeping babies. I still don't get why the oversell flights. I was really trying to have a good attitude about it, so I called my momma for encouragement.

    She preceded to tell me a very sad story. It did not make me feel better, but in a twisted way, it made me laugh that she thought it would. I love you, Momma!

    I am going to hit you with some fun random updates/stories/happenings/pictures around the Patches so I don't call a certain airline and yell at them.
    • At Target one day, I ran over my foot with my down buggy. I yelled, "Oh, Toodles!" We obviously watch too much Mickey Mouse.
    • Woody starts two day a week K-2 soon. This makes me happy/sad.
    • Woody and Gaines have been playing catch. Woody takes the ball and throws it as hard as he can at Gaines (usually at his head), Gaines cries, Woody laughs. This is how you play catch right?

    • Not impressed with his outfit for church
    • Most nights, I am on my own for dinner. Brooks and I eat together at 7-7:30, so I feed the boys around 5:30. Exhausting, I know!
    •  But in all reality, Peepers gets so excited when he sees cereal!
    • And as you can see, 6 month clothes are too small!
    • We are making improvements on behaving in restaurants. We go early (like at 5:30), after Gaines has had some cereal. Mexican restaurants are our favorites. Woody likes chip (emphasis on the single form of "chip") and salsa.
    •  At night, we let Cheeky Woody take one or two toys to bed with him. I don't know if this is the best habit, but it makes him excited for bed. Most nights, he chooses a train or car, but one night, he insisted on bringing his (too big) Yo Gabba Gabba PJ pants. We don't watch the show, so I don't get his selection, but it sure made me laugh!
    • In our family room, we have four variety of chairs for the boys (a bouncy seat, a plastic Cars booster seat, an exersaucer, and a Bumbo.) We did have five, but I gave Sister her swing back for her Baby Girl. I would like to relocate these to a playroom. In moments of desperation, I have applied for two reality shows that might foot some of the bill.
    • After, seeing this picture from my friend, Lisa, I decided to be content with our no playroom house because I do not miss this from my old job/income
    • Peepers has frogs on his feet..
    •  And frogs on his head!

    Night Night!

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