Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4 Days (And a slight vent)

Four days until I am out for Winter Break. (Although my husband and co-workers say it is really 3 days since we have already woken up for today.)

(Totally applies to two weeks off for Winter Break)

I need a break. In the worst kind of way. I am the most non type-A, perfectionist person...except when it comes to teaching. I want to do the best job, and sometimes I tend to make my life (and my students' lives) miserable trying to achieve the impossible. It is hard to accept that sometimes I will bomb a lesson, I will let students down, I won't get everything done, lessons will be too hard, lessons will be too easy.

I have to realize that my job isn't always to cram a standard down their throat, but might be to try to teach them about kindness and how to treat others. (Maybe I need to teach myself this too...) To keep my spirits up for the week, I thought it might be nice to share a moment that reminded me of why I love my job.

{Class was watching a black and white clip in their Social Studies class)
Sweetest Child "S": Wow, what was the world like when it was all black and white?
Class: Yeah! When did our world turn to color?

Maybe my job for today is to teach them about camera technology.

Thanks for reading my vent :)

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