Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Beginnings

Sorry from the lack of posts. Summer is dwindling down, and my days are spent chasing my favorite one year old everywhere. A week from tomorrow I go back to work...full time. 

When Brooks and I decided to buy a bigger house, we knew deep down that this was going to be a possibility. Bigger House=Bigger Mortgage. And while we could have swung it with me still part-time, I wasn't a fan of living paycheck to paycheck. This has definitely been a hard decision. I know a lot of moms would think I am crazy for trading extra time with my child for a bigger house. But until you have lived in a two-bedroom townhome with a baby-toddler, a dog and no yard, while your poor in-laws keep your other dog- don't judge. 

Yes, it pains me when I hear of morning music classes and play dates. I hate thinking that I won't be the one to cuddle with him after his naps or our constant hugs. To make matters worse, one of my best friends (who happened to teach with me), has decided to be a stay-at-home mom. In the past two years, all four of my teacher/mom friends have left!

But, I refuse to let this get me down! Even though these are tough things, here are all the things I am grateful for:

  • A wonderful principal- He worked hard to find me a part-time position. Then, when I told him I needed full-time, he put me in the grade level I love (fifth), teaching the subject I love (math.) He has been so encouraging and every time I talk to him, I actually get excited about returning full-time.
  • My team- I love fifth grade! Seriously. I have worked with every grade, and it is my favorite. Not to mention one of my good friends, Lisa, is Grade Level Chair! 
  • My profession- I am fully aware that teacher hours aren't always 7-3. In fact, that is the rarity. And that summer has been cut from three to two months. But after seeing my sister go through 12+ hour work-days five days a week, I will take it. I still think teaching is the best profession.
  • Woody's Caretaker- Seriously, love her. She loves Woody so much and takes wonderful care of him. Bonus, she lives super close to my school. I know he is happy there. Oh, and she cuts his nails for me. (Hate doing that.)
  • Showers- You know what I am talking about. It is HARD to get in a shower with a baby-toddler! Woody is sometimes on his third (precious) outfit of the day, while I am still in my pajamas. I am glad I have an excuse to shower, put on make-up, and pick out an outfit. (Superficial? Maybe.)
  • My Mission Field- I realized this last year. Our church was doing 30 days of service, and I was thinking, "I have a child! I don't have time to volunteer!" It hit me that I work in a service field. My school has the poorest population in the county. (And it is a big county.) These children need an education, but more importantly, they need so much love and support. (Funny how having my own child made this clear to me.) God is constantly working in me to have more patience and to see these students as His children. I know He has big plans for me this year.
Thanks for reading my long soap-box. Now some Woody pictures!

My mom brought Woody this plastic Cars chair, and Woody is obsessed with it. He drags it all over the house and just sits in it.

In the kitchen

In the Dining Room (excuse the mess)

Back in the kitchen

In the family room

His BFF Burke (Jessica's son) came over Monday morning. We are working on hugs.

The only time he wants to sit in my lap is when he gets up from  nap. This is the closest we come to cuddling, but it counts in my book.

Oh just the cutest video ever.

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