Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Woody's Baptism

This past Sunday, Woody was baptized. It was such a special ceremony, and afterwards, we enjoyed a beautiful brunch at my cousin's home.

When I scheduled this, I totally did not realize it was Daylight Savings Sunday. I was terrified that we would not wake up in time. So being the paranoid person I am, I was up at 5:45 am....when we didn't have to be there until 9:30 am. I also was scared that I was going to forget something super important, like the camera.

Well, well, well, I did remember the camera. I just forgot to charge the dead battery. Wah wah.

Luckily, the church had a photographer, and my sister snapped pictures of the brunch. Here are some shots from my phone, so forgive the quality.

Our buddies, Cameron and Melissa snapped these two above. Thanks guys!!

Before the service

With my cousin and hostess, Becky, her husband, Howard, and his parents, Jane and Bill. They are all such wonderful and kind people.

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