Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

I put this skeleton sleeper on Woody for bed. I didn't realize the bones were 'glow in the dark,' and Woody kinda freaked when I turned the lights off.  Luckily, his swaddle blanket covered them up.

I took Woody to Trick or Trunk at my school on the Friday before Halloween. It was nice weather, so Woody got to wear his Woody costume without blue jeans. (Picture is on my Instagram on the right!) On Halloween, we went to our friend, Libby's, parents' house for some chili and to pass out candy.

I decided to not make Woody wear his hat or too small boots. However, because it was so cold, I put these pants on Woody. They are like skinny jeans for babies. Unfortunately, Woody has the same problem as me when it comes to skinny jeans.

"I look fat, Mom!"

I was laughing so hard trying to get these pants on. They were a 9 month size on my 3 month old child! Despite the fact that they were rather snug, they were very long. (Again, I feel your pain Woody!)

1 comment:

  1. Too funny to imagine Woody seeing his glow in the dark bones and freaking out! Love these pictures, and glad you had a happy 1st Halloween. :)


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