Thursday, December 15, 2011

The "I Love You" Cup

DISCLAIMER: First of all, I really like McDonald's. Like, a lot. And I eat it more than I should. I know this. Just thought I would get that off my chest.

I was eating at McDonald's a few weeks ago (okay, it was Monday), and I saw that I could get a Classic Coke glass with the purchase of a combo. I happily ordered a combo (because all of Husband's and my cups are from a hodge-podge of restaurants) only to be disappointed that it had to be a large combo- so no cup :(

Fast forward to more recently. Husband came home with McDonald's. (I know, I eat it a lot.) And there Southern Style chicken sandwich (people, it is amazing) was a Classic Coke glass.

Like I said previously, this holiday season has been a little different for me. My usual long Christmas list has stumped me. And at that very moment, all I wanted was my Classic Coke glass and the joy of knowing that he really does listen. It is going to be a very Merry Christmas. Happy Friday :)

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