Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy (Belated) Birthday Emma!!

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. Emma and I have a seven and a half year age difference between us. (You can call me "Surprise!") It is probably not many middle school kids' dreams to share a bedroom with their five year old sister, but we did! And survived! (This included delightful comments from me, such as, "Don't worry that Mom won't let you buy that skimpy swimsuit, Mom can make you one!")

(Emma (left) and me. I mean how many sisters do you know that can give you a side braided ponytail....Complete with double ribbons?)

Emma and I are very different. She is a planner and is super organized. She is probably was of the strongest and most confident women I know. Given the opportunity, she could seriously run a small country. She works, is a wife, mom, blogger, and somehow keeps her house (frightening) clean in that "oh, go ahead and photograph me for a magazine way."

I have always looked up to Emma. Our weddings were three months apart, and I was amazed how she planned a perfect wedding while working a full-time job. (I was finishing my last semester of college/ a job-less summer and still needed LOTS of help!)


Your Bratty Younger Sister

PS- Mom will still make you a swimsuit, I asked.

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  1. How sweet! I've always wanted a sister - seems like such a special bond!


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