Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They Make Me Smile.

Image courtesy of Artsyville

1st Grade- Every Monday I ask the kids what they did over the weekend. At the beginning of the year, every student said, "I went to the pool." This continued for many weeks until I knew the students were not swimming because it was too cold. Now they all tell me they went sledding at the park. This weekend it was 70 degrees.

2nd Grade- We are learning about charts and graphs. We took a poll to see the class's favorite subject- choices being Science, Reading, Math, and Art. Art won big time and not one person voted for math:( I was shocked, so asked the students why they didn't like math. One responded, "Maybe you should do more art."

2nd Grade- Test question- Estimate the length of this line. Student's response? "Ruler"

3rd Grade- Question- Which property makes 3 x 7 = 7 x 3 true? Response? "Yes-21."

4th Grade- Test Question- Write a word problem for 28 x 4. Student's response- "How can you solve 28 x 4?"

4th Grade- Question- What is another way you could solve 24 x 14? Student's Response- "Use a calculator."

5th Grade- We were reviewing our unit tests to prepare for the retest. After one student looked at her error I asked her what she would do differently next time. Her response?- "Get the right answer."

5th Grader- "I love your class. I now learn math more better." (Thank goodness I don't teach grammar.)


  1. Lindsey, your blog is fabulous! I jumped on over to read a few posts (after you commented on mine...thanks!) & I read all of October & September. And now I have to go back to work. But I am following! :)


  2. Hahahahaha! "Use a calculator!" So so so funny. You should keep a little journal with all of your "student funnies" to remind you of all of the great moments you have in class. :)


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