Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving On

So glad I got to tell this little girl "Happy Birthday" on Saturday...

Isn't she (SG) a DOLL?

More exciting news? Today I begin my first day as an EIP teacher. For the past three years I have taught 5th grade. Now I will be teaching EIP (Early Intervention Program) for all grade levels. I am beyond excited for the change, but will miss my students and especially my awesome team.

And especially this girl...

Jessica with SG a year ago

Jessica and I have taught fifth grade since our school opened. For two years, we also were able to teach with our friend Amy (SG's mom.) We were closer than most teams are, because we really are friends. Now, Amy has left to take care of SG (can you blame her?!) and I am moving to EIP. I know I am so lucky to work with such wonderful people, but can't help to not be a little sad to no longer be on the same hall with Jessica. I will miss you!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! I teared up a little. :(*

    I miss you so much already! I'm so very happy for you though! You are going to be awesome in that position... but now I'm oh so lonely with out my college football rival, fashion guru, and most of all... friend. LOVE YOU!


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