Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Woody Plays Baseball

Over the winter, Woody came to us saying that he wanted to play baseball. It surprised Brooks and me. We wanted Woody to start trying some new activities, but he has never had a real interest in sports. We were so proud of him for wanting to try something new.

We have a league that is in our neighborhood, so we were excited that we could walk to the games. And I love the league. He is in the 4-year old t-ball "rookie" league. It is super relaxed. No keeping score, no outs, no strikes. Everyone gets to bat, everyone gets to cross home plate. I know that as he gets older, those things will change (and they should!), but it is so fun for him now. Woody has already learned so much, and improving each game. I am especially thankful for the sweet coaches. They are so patient and kind to the boys.
Opening Ceremonies

So proud of #64

He was so excited to run out on the field with his team
(I totally cried)

First game
(He is 64- After the first game, they had their names added to their jersey)

Team pictures- When the photographer said "three," Woody swung the bat

His hitting stance

That is not Woody, but that is Brooks on first base!
One Sunday, they had a make-up game, and one of the coaches couldn't be there. Brooks stepped up and coached first base. Look at that intensity!

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