Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Before I dive in with our Thanksgiving, I wanted to share these two pictures from Halloween. Our sweet neighbor always dresses up as Scooby Doo. The boys love characters and were just as excited to hug Scooby as they were to get candy!

Now, on to Thanksgiving! We were going to spend Thanksgiving Day in Prattville, so we drove down Wednesday night. Thursday, on Thursday the boys were pumped to go see Nana, Gran, and their cousins.

My mom had bought the grandkids matching pajamas. We attempted a family picture and it went pretty well! I can't believe there are seven grandkids! See more pictures on Sister's blog. There was so much great food, and we had the best time catching up with my siblings and cousins.

Safe to say the boys were spent after playing all day!

On Friday, Mimi and Papa came over to see the kids. The boys were so excited to play with them. They always take them to the park which is a win for everyone! However, the boys don't understand why grandparents have to leave.

On Saturday, we celebrated with Brooks's family. His sister, Savanna, hosted and everything was beautiful. Savanna and my mother-in-law are fantastic cooks, so we got our second wonderful meal of the week! (Note to self: time to hit the gym!)

Gaines ate his weight in petit fours

With their great-grandmother, Maridelle

 On Sunday, Brooks took the boys to church, but I stayed home with Mae Stanley. The boys always get very concerned when we are not all together, so Woody was quick to return home to let little sister know where he had been!

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