Thursday, August 4, 2016


I felt like this little spark plug needed a post of his own. I love him dearly. When most people find out that we are not finding out the gender of Squeak, they usually say, "What if it is another boy?!" followed by, "And what if it is another Gaines?!" I think nothing would be quite as fantastic (but I know Squeak will have a personality all his/her own!) 

Even though Gaines keeps me on my toes and rarely lets me sit down, he is the most lovable little boy. He hates for his brother to be upset and is so tender-hearted. If Woody is crying, he will go rub his back and (somewhat forcefully) kiss him. I adore how compassionate he is. 

That being said, he bit me! Or bit Squeak? It is hard to explain exactly how it happened, but he ran to me and somehow bit my stomach. I didn't think he clamped down, but he left a huge bruise. I can't wait to explain this to my OBGYN tomorrow.

My little sour patch kid. He wanted to help wash dishes...then climbed in the sink when I wasn't looking.

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