Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

I need to be a better blogger, and these seems like an easy way to watch up. I have been crazy busy lately, but I am going to get back into my blog! My buddy, Lisa, introduced me to this, and so I am bumming off of her and linking up with Andrea!

1. Another Sweatshirt...

I picked up this sweatshirt at Target, and it might be the softest thing ever. I pairs well with legging and Starbucks (unless you are me, in which case it pairs well with candy bars.) And look how cute the back is!

Go get you one

2. Call Me Martha

The rest of my house is a disaster, but my sink is shining thanks to...

And believe me....some nasty things get put in that sink. Gross

3. He stole my look...

4. And I can't forget Bruiser

His eye is healing nicely. 

5. Smokey Eye, Updo

She's Everything.

But onto the smokey eye...that is not so smokey.

I found this for less than $10 and was so excited. I know there are more fancy (aka expensive) palettes, but if you are the kinda gal that gets excited over sweatshirts and cleaner, than this is for you. They make one called The Smokes for the true Sonjas out there.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. You go girl! Love you are doing this too! Haven't gotten my act together yet to join in today


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