Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Woody's First Day of K3!

Doesn't he look so grown-up? I love how Gaines made his way somewhere into most of his brother's pictures.

Those loafers! Eeek! Thank you, Sister, for having great style and giving us your hand-me-downs!!

Sorry Gaines, you have one more year until you join your brother...I asked.

Reading the ABCs

"Go away, Momma!"

He was supposed to find his name and put it on the attendance board.

But he also decided to help some buds skip school and put their names on the attendance board. You're welcome, Gray.

Playing with his pal, Hagen. They were in the same class last year and are in the same Sunday School class. Hagen also lives on the other side of our neighborhood, so they are good buds!

Not my best picture, but I sure do love this boy! Hope you have a great year, Woody!

1 comment:

  1. He looks so handsome! I hope he had a great first day!


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