Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Woody's Third Birthday Party

Like I said, Woody had a very low-key party this year, but fun and full of memories nonetheless! He adores Catch Air, and they were great in helping me plan the easiest party ever. They took care of almost everything except the cake (which my talented friend, Tippi made.) I made a small banner and the gift bags, but Catch Air can make you gift bags as well (I had to craft a little bit.)

Seriously, how cute!? Tippi is amazing. It tasted as good as it looked too. (If you are in the Atlanta area, hit me up for her info! She make a mean cheese straw as well.)

The inside of the cake

My contributions

The inside was mostly full of generic, non-Pinterest worthy junk...except the bubbles. Those were cute bubbles.

Woody was so excited for his birthday party. He kept asking, "Is it time now?" (His brother was not in a great mood and got sent home early.)

Woody's buddies telling him "Happy Birthday." Obviously, he was overjoyed.

The next are blurry. Basically, Mickey came out to dance with Woody, and he lost his mind. Then he realized no one was on the slide and ditched the mouse. 

That face! I cannot wait for Disney World!

Isn't his shirt cute? My sweet sister made it.

Trying to get a picture 

The kid second to the right of Mickey was photo crasher.

Almost everyone...

Singing Happy Birthday

Appreciating the banner I made him...or spelling his name for everyone

On Saturday, Brooks's parents stopped by in the morning to spend some time with us. Jim had just flown in from Hawaii, and Pam had spent the past two weeks with her mother. It was so kind of them to come over, especially with how tired they were!

After the boys took a nap, my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and nephew came by. We ate cupcakes and went to dinner together. We attempted a photo of the grandkids (cue laughter.)

Since that went so well, we ventured outside to get some picture with my mom and dad. We actually got some decent shots.

We met back up on Sunday because my parents were taking the older three grandkids to Stone Mountain, and the boys and I decided to tag along. I didn't last long, as I thought that at any moment I would pass out from the heat. I don't know how my parents kept up with the kids and stayed all day long.

The kids loved the train!

I have to give my parents one last shout-out, because after all that, they came by Monday morning and kept my boys while I went to the doctor. Thank you, thank you!!

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