Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend at the Beach

I have not a lot of pictures and even less words. However, we had a fabulous time. Big thank you to my mom who came and watched the boys during their naps and bedtime so we could go out to eat.

I got so many compliments on these, so I thought that I would share. They came from Ikea ($10!) and my Aunt Deborah monogrammed the hoods. 

Overall, the boys had a great time. Woody loved the sand and Gaines loved the ocean. We usually stayed down for an hour then would come back to my parents' place to eat, nap, or decompress. I have learned that the beach with kids rarely means relaxing beachside for hours.

Like I said, we enjoyed ourselves (as usual) when it came to food. If you are in the Rosemary/Seagrove/Seaside area of Florida, here is where we dined. We tried all new places this trip (instead of our usual Bud and Alley's and The Red Bar...which are really good too!)

Night 1 dinner. Cool rooftop with nice views of the ocean. Lots of TVs if you need to catch the end of the Hawks game too ;)

I went shopping during the boys' nap and got hungry (as usual.) This was a cool place (I love a rooftop) to grab a snack. The hotel was beautiful too. The black and white awnings were why I wanted to eat there.

Edward's- Rosemary
This was my favorite night! This place had a great little outdoor area and fun live music. And after dinner we walked around Rosemary while I picked out all the lovely houses I wanted to live in.

Pickles- Seaside
We ate here the last night with the boys. It was nice that everyone could get what they wanted and eat by the beach. The food trucks are right across the street too (so you can get a sno cone!)

Special thanks once again to my momma! Poor thing had to put up with Gaines's 3:30 am wake-up call (seriously) and my (mild) complaining. She's a gem. We had a great time and can't wait to be back.

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