Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Visit

Brooks left Wednesday to go hiking with his dad. I am always sad when Brooks isn't around, but I wasn't too sad since Mom was coming to stay with me and help out with the boys. I talk to my mom everyday, but having her here is so special. We shopped (even with two little ones), laughed, and shared stories. Oh, and she let me sleep in a lot! 

On Saturday, I had to work Woody's school's Spring Fling. Poor Mom got the job of pushing the boys around (including Gaines who desperately needed a nap.) She never complained, even when Woody wanted to do the car track, yet had no clue on how to make the car go.

I love the off-brand characters- Dottie McStuffins 

(Gaines finally feel asleep in the stroller)

When we got home, Sister and her family arrived. Gaines wanted to let Hollon know that he has a permanent spot on Nana's lap.

 Mom headed home (to get some much needed sleep.) Woody was so excited to see his cousins. He was obsessed with Jake. And was very interested in what Jake was looking at on the phone.

And then all the cousins got in on the fun.

We later went out to eat. Poor Robbie got to enjoy his meal with two girls and four kids. We kept pretending that we were Sister Wives. I don't know what is wrong with us. Brooks finally made it home and we stayed up way too late talking and laughing. Actually, I feel asleep at some point and the rest of them stayed up even later. I can't hang. Never fear, we made sure to call my brother and give him a hard time since he was missing out. He questioned why we didn't have anything better to do at 10:00.

We tried to get a picture of all the kids before they left on Sunday. Poor Woody was still in his pajamas.

The best of what I got.

Thank you Momma and Sister (and family) for staying with me! We had the best time and am ready for you to move to Atlanta since you both love the traffic so much.

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