Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Woody- Seven Months

These pictures all pretty much look the same, but I love them. He looks so sweet!

Woody Facts

  • I tried weighing him on our home scale several times, I never got a weight for him that I thought might be accurate. I say over 20, under 25 lbs.
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing: 9-12 month. 
  • Sleep: So this was going to be the month I was going to "train" Woody not to wake up during the night. News Flash: Baby didn't get the training memo. Some nights he will do so great and sleep until 5:00 am, and then some nights he wakes up 2-3 times during the night. Two things that have somewhat been working is feeding him cereal with his dinner (Thanks Mom!) and the "Minute Method." When he wakes up crying, I let him cry for 5 minutes, go in, rub his back for a minute and leave. If he continues to cry/wakes up later in the night crying, he gets 10 minutes before I come in. The cycle continues in five minute increments.  However, sometimes, we get to the twenty minute mark and I throw in the towel and feed him. Any other suggestions?
  • He sometimes takes a morning nap, but it is usually only 20-45 minutes. He tends to fall asleep in the                 car when I pick him up at 11:30 and will sleep until 2:00-2:30. Then usually an hour snooze somewhere around 4:30.
  • Eat: Woody is well into solids three times a day. For breakfast, he usually gets a fruit or veggie he really likes (since I am not the one to give it to him.) He eats lunch around 2 (when he gets up from his nap) and he gets a vegetable and some yogurt to help swallow it down. For dinner, he gets a fruit or vegetable (whichever he didn't have for breakfast) and rice cereal. He has had rice cereal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, avocado  peas, carrots, squash, green beans, apples, bananas, and pears. He likes everything except carrots and peas. His favorite is yogurt and all the fruits. Another one of his favorite treats is a frozen banana in one of these things. I am still nursing, but only every 4-5 hours because of the solids. I am not going to lie, with Woody's new teeth, this isn't as enjoyable as it once was. 
  • That's right, he has two teeth on the bottom! Painful (for him and me), but cute!
  • He is getting more and more hair. Some days it looks very blond, and others a light brown. His eyes are still blue.
  • He prefers to sit up, and if you put him down, he will push up to the sitting position.
  • Woody can almost pull up to his feet in the crib. We lowered the crib all the way. Sad day for Momma.
  • He scoots on his belly to crawl most of the time, but if he really wants something, he will actually use his knees to help him crawl. He has also started pushing up to his feet to try to bear crawl, but hasn't made any movements in this position.
  • Woody likes to crawl to places he is not supposed to go. His favorite? Under the new daybed in his room. He will crawl all the way to the wall (quickly might I add) and then cries when he can't get out. This means I have to scoot myself under there to pull him out. He finds this game hysterical.
  • Maridelle, Husband's grandmother, gave us her old highchair to use. Woody likes sitting at the table in it (sideways.)
  • He loves to be in his stroller. I love it too, because shopping/eating out with him is a breeze. (I know my days are numbered.) Woody has frequented many of Atlanta's restaurants/shopping malls and been the perfect gentleman.
  • He has a new facial expression if he is really interested in something. He will cock his head to the side...until he is uninterested. 
  • Not a fan of the dark....or having his nose wiped. 
  • Belly laughs over Lucy, throwing things up in the air, scaring him, or pretending to fall

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