Thursday, June 23, 2016

Everyday His Mercies Are New

That is the best way to describe our summer so far. We have a lot of fun, but we all get really tired (and hot), yet we do it all again the next day...but only with the good Lord's mercy! Summer is busy...busier than I thought it would be, but I am trying not to over-schedule the boys and myself. I am learning to say no to some things in order to enjoy the lazy days of summer.

We celebrated Father's Day. The boys gave Brooks a football they "decorated." We are so lucky he is ours. We are also very thankful for Gran (My dad) and Papa (Brooks's dad.) I took some photos of Father's Day, but they were on my phone, and we are in the process of trading in phones. (Brooks promises all 3,000+ photos of my children will be saved....somewhere.)

Woody's ENT appointment went very well. He is going to have his tonsils and adenoids out July 1. Please pray for him next Friday!

He also started swim lessons this week. ( on my phone...somewhere....sigh.)

Monday was a rough start. I resulted in pulling out my favorite parenting strategy...bribery. And it worked. He stopped crying and went home with a new Thomas Lighthouse. (And somehow Gaines went home with another train. #stoptheaddiction) Sweet Brooks left work early to make it to the end of his lesson. I know how stressed and busy Brooks is right now, but Woody was so happy to see his daddy cheering for him.

Tuesday, he did much better. He was overly excited about swimming...probably because he thought he was going to get another toy. He kept reminding me how great he was doing. "I'm taking off my shoes, and I'm not crying!" and "I'm listening to my teacher!"

Let's just say, he isn't exactly Michael Phelps. He is having fun though, and slowly overcoming his fear of water. On the way to lessons he sings a song he learned at VBS. "I'm gonna be brave, I'm gonna be strong and courageous!" I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Today he yelled, "When I am scared, I will trust in You," and pointed up. I teared up a little.

Gaines is growing up so much too. He proved to us last week that he can leap out of his crib! Monday night we tried to have him sleep in the new "Brother Room," but the power was out, and it was just too much excitement. Woody feel asleep, but about 9:30, we put Gaines in his crib. Woody woke up early in the morning crying. When I went to check on him, he cried, "A monster took my Gainsie!"

Since then, he has slept two nights and taken two naps in the Brother Room. Before you pat me on the back, he is currently screaming at the door (while Woody sleeps oblivious to the decibel level.)

Woody always asks to go to the bathroom as soon as we tuck him in bed. So now Gaines yells, "I go teetee," too. When I sit him on the potty, he just breaks wind, smiles, and says, "I done," as we dumps a roll of toilet paper in the potty.

And a Baby Squeak update! I am 24 weeks and feeling good, besides being hot all the time. Squeak gets to moving at night, and even Brooks can feel now! I credit it to the orange juice/ La Croix combo I have every night. My last ultrasound was last week. Woody had some fluid on his kidneys, and Gaines had the issue with his heart, so I got ultrasound at every doctor's appointment. I'm sad I won't see Squeak again until October, but of course would much rather have a healthy baby!!

Finally, I leave you with Peeper's current state of emotion...

Two is hard.

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  1. Miss you guys and can't wait to see you all (all four of you!) on Monday!


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