Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let's Look at Woody :)

Because it is my favorite thing to do...

Brooks took the camper top off his truck to clean. Woody thought it was super fun and redneck to play in the back of the truck.

Look at this crew! After Woody's birthday party (more on that later), my parents took their four grand kids, Brooks, and me to the Georgia Aquarium. Such a frame-worthy photo right?

We went to Woody's pal, Jackson's, 3rd birthday party. Not sure if Woody trusts his dad and swings.

Playing with his buddy, Burke, after the party

He chased down a lost Cheerio on afternoon and got stuck.

Daredevil! This occurred while his father was watching him....

He was quite tired from the mess he made. 

New flavor of yogurt. Not impressed.

We had Woody's super amazing birthday party at the end of July? Why was it super amazing? Because all I had to do was make the party favors. My talented sister did all of the decorations and my talented friend, Tippi made the cupcakes. Am I lucky or what?! Sister also offered to be the photographer, because we all know how well I do at documenting importing things. The link to Woody's party photos is here.

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